Why Do We Lie:Find Out The Honest Reasons

We live in a society where everyone is laying to each other. It is very hard to find a person who is not lying. Only a few people in the word are not having the habit of lying.
Why do we lie?.
We live in a society where everyone is trying to drag each other down.No one want to show their ugly life to the world. We are all trying to copy each other. There is a lot of negativity in this world. This negativity can be one of the reasons people lie. You will see the increase of meme content over the internet. These memes are created to make fun of someone. We don’t want someone says a bad thing about us even if we are doing wrong.Lying in a relationship is also a common practice.

Why Do We Lie

People often lie to hide their bad thing. For example, you will rarely find a drug addict person who is saying he or she is taking a drug. Why is he laying? He is lying because he knows when he/she tells the truth that is he/she takes drug society will see him as bad person.No one wants to portray him or her as a bad person.

Everyone wants to be a good person even if they are doing a bad thing. The bad person has a bad reputation. Society accepts people with a good reputation. To fit in the so-called good people society, humans lie.
People also lie for some funny reason. For example, your friends come from the long way to meet you, but your boss is not giving you day off. To get the day off, we lie to our bosses.

Lying for someone happiness is not actual happiness is not a big sin. If your small lie is making someone happy, then it is okay. There are countless reasons why people lie. Some people lie to make someone happy, and some people lie to make themselves happy. When you lie to hide a bad thing is not tolerable so if you are protecting a bad idea from someone then stop doing that. Some people lie when they don’t want to share their secrets with other. When someone asks for your secrets, you will usually lie. This is okay not to share your secrets with others.

At home lie detector make it is easy to tell if someone is lying or not.
You can do more research on why do people lie and share them on the comment section below once we find proper research on why people lie we will share them on this post.

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