How To Tell If Someone Is Lying

Some people think that no one can catch their lie and they can lie all the time. If someone is lying to you, but you don’t know he or she lying to you then this post is beneficial for you. In this post, you will know how to tell if someone is lying. We shared some tips that help you to catch the liar. We also shared our favorite machine that catches liar.

This machine is beneficial to tell if someone is lying. We live in the society where everyone is lying to each other. One study shows that on an average we hear 10 to 250 lies per day. This numbers of lies increase when we meet lots of people. On an average, stranger lies to each other three-time when they first meet to other. These numbers are hugs, and it is tough to tell someone is lying if you don’t know the correct way to catch the lie.90 percent of people say that they lie once in life.

how to tell if someone is lying

If you are not in the 90 percent of people who don’t lie then congrats, it is tough to find a person who never lies in their life.
A white lie is a lie that makes someone happy.lie that help someone to improve his lie that protect someone are not bad. We all have a secret, and when you ask someone his or her secret, he starts lying. You can tell if someone is lying by looking at his behavior and eyes.
1>To catch someone is lying you need to do cross-questioning.Ask the same question again and again. Ask him, or her the retell the story by doing so you can quickly catch the lie.
2>Watch expression-Ask the person to make eye contact you. Check his or her smile, watch his facial expression. If the person tries to avoid making eye contact with you and look here & there then it is high chances that person is lying.
3>Confidence-Check whether the person is very confident while talking with you.If person lack in confidence while talking with you then it may be due to he or she lying
4>Lie detector-Lie detector or polygraph machine is the most advanced way to catch lier. It has 90 percent lie catching accuracy.

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