How To Spot A Liar In A Relationship (100% Working Tips)

A single lie can ruin your relationship. There are millions of couples who broke up their relationship after they found out that their partner is lying. If you want a healthy long-running relationship, then you should stop lying immediately.The good relationship is based on the truth and honesty. It is essential to do not lie in a relation. Sometimes a small white lie can be acceptable. Anything that grows the relationship without hurting anyone is acceptable.


how to spot a liar in a relationship

Lie in the relationship is not good for anyone. Anything that is based on a lie is not good. According to research done by a research team, it is shown that relationship that based on a lie are the primary reason for divorce and violence. Your single lie can cause a big problem for your partner so avoid lying in a relationship. If you want to be in a relationship that based on truth and honesty, then you should stop lying to your partner. You should find a partner which whom you can share all the secrete so that you don’t need to hide anything. Spotting liar in a relationship is essential. On this post, you will learn how to spot a liar in a relationship so that you can avoid dealing with someone who is liar and fraud.
1>Check his or her behaviour-Do you notice any behavioral change in your partner? If yes then maybe it is due to he his hiding something from you.
Try to have eye contact with your partner and ask him if he is hiding something from you. If you notice he avoids seeing in your eyes then maybe he is lying.
2>If you notice your partner try to avoid meeting with you. If he/she is not answering your call, not replying to your message and call then maybe your partner is a liar.
3>Background check-When you notice your partner is activity suspicious then do some background check of your partner. Check whether he or she has an affair.
4>Lie detector tool-Use of lie detector can easily spot a liar in a relationship.We have some polygraph machine for sale that you can buy.

How To Tell If Someone Is Lying

Some people think that no one can catch their lie and they can lie all the time. If someone is lying to you, but you don’t know he or she lying to you then this post is beneficial for you. In this post, you will know how to tell if someone is lying. We shared some tips that help you to catch the liar. We also shared our favorite machine that catches liar.

This machine is beneficial to tell if someone is lying. We live in the society where everyone is lying to each other. One study shows that on an average we hear 10 to 250 lies per day. This numbers of lies increase when we meet lots of people. On an average, stranger lies to each other three-time when they first meet to other. These numbers are hugs, and it is tough to tell someone is lying if you don’t know the correct way to catch the lie.90 percent of people say that they lie once in life.

how to tell if someone is lying

If you are not in the 90 percent of people who don’t lie then congrats, it is tough to find a person who never lies in their life.
A white lie is a lie that makes someone happy.lie that help someone to improve his lie that protect someone are not bad. We all have a secret, and when you ask someone his or her secret, he starts lying. You can tell if someone is lying by looking at his behavior and eyes.
1>To catch someone is lying you need to do cross-questioning.Ask the same question again and again. Ask him, or her the retell the story by doing so you can quickly catch the lie.
2>Watch expression-Ask the person to make eye contact you. Check his or her smile, watch his facial expression. If the person tries to avoid making eye contact with you and look here & there then it is high chances that person is lying.
3>Confidence-Check whether the person is very confident while talking with you.If person lack in confidence while talking with you then it may be due to he or she lying
4>Lie detector-Lie detector or polygraph machine is the most advanced way to catch lier. It has 90 percent lie catching accuracy.

Expert Reveals When Is It Okay To Lie?

We all are human, and there are few habits that are automatically comes in our body. Some of these habits are good, and some of them are bad. Lying is one of the habits that we commonly see in humans. There are a lot of controversies going on when it is okay to lie. This post throws a light on what is a lie? When it is okay to lie.

We categories lie into two type: white lie, black lie. When you lie to make someone happy, when your lie makes someone stronger, when your lie impacts someone life positively then I call it is a white lie. When you lie to hide the reality, when your lie makes someone life worse, when your lie impacts some life negatively then I call it a bad lie.
There are the different scenario we should take into consideration while deciding whether the lie is white or black.

When is it okay to lie
Before we are talking about when it is okay to lie, we should first know why people lie?
People lie when they want to hide the truth. Sometimes people lie to make someone happy. People lie to their loved ones to make them happy. We also lie when we don’t want to tell a secret,We lie to make someone secure.
Many freedom fighters never lie like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and many more. They always stick to the truth. Not all people have this ability to tell and accepting the fact. Sometimes it is okay to lie if your lie can save someone life. Remember we are not promoting lying as a good thing. Lying is bad, and in most of the cases, you should avoid lying. In most of the cases, it is better, to tell the truth, and accept the reality.
Now lets talked about the following scenario:
Suppose one fat kid ask you whether he is fat or not. To make him happy, you said no you are not fat. Some people think that it is a white lie because your lie makes the fat kid happy. In reality, it is a bad lie.
The fat kid thinks that he is not fatty and start eating unhealthy food. This makes a fat kid, and one day he got a heart attack due to high cholesterol.

Now you get the idea of when is it okay to lie.You can find a liar by simply conducting at home lie detector test.